Octapharma is the world’s largest privately-owned pharma company manufacturing human proteins from human blood plasma and human cell lines. Their therapies treat patients suffering from bleeding disorders and immune diseases and are used in critical care situations.

The annual report 2018 adopts engaging storytelling to inspire both internal and external stakeholders. It serves as a key communication tool offering financial results and details about research, production, sites & offices and activities to enable healthcare professionals around the world.

The report presents united and diverse teams with a strong company history of working together to deliver the Octapharma vision: ‘Providing new health solutions to advance human life’.

Authentic employee and patient stories demonstrate the passion of the 8,314 Octapharma employees and bring the company’s vision to life. A great example is the ‘Women in Science’ feature – celebrating inspirational researchers looking for new treatments to save lives. In addition, educational pieces on products, production processes and research activities are shown.

The full reporting suite includes digital and translated print editions. The microsite has an animation to inspire the report content, and a personalised report builder tool. All available in English, French, German and Spanish.
Pre-launch, multi-language teasers created excitement and awareness. The report has been mailed across the world to all employees and is widely distributed to healthcare professionals, hospitals, sales teams, business partners and suppliers.

Designed at Luminous. Photography by Simon Waller, Simon Jarratt and David Hares
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